It’s been six years since California adopted the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). District leaders have been busy building capacity and developing infrastructure to support effective CCSS implementation, while teachers have been working hard to implement standards-aligned instruction that supports academic success for all students.

1463593813resourcecommoncoreimplementationincaliforniaasnapshotofdistrictsprogressIn a state as vast and varied as California, what exactly does CCSS implementation look like and what sort of progress are districts making?

To get an accurate snapshot of where California districts are in their standards implementation, the Center for the Future of Teaching & Learning (CFTL) at WestEd interviewed superintendents and instructional leaders from 42 districts and charter school management organizations across the state.

This issue of CenterView is the first in a special three-part series that describes the insights California district leaders have to offer about California standards implementation.

The series continues with the implementation challenges district leaders perceive, and strategies that technical assistance providers can consider to better meet districts’ current implementation needs.

Visit The Center’s California Insights page for more information about this study.

For more on California standards implementation, contact Robert Sheffield, CFTL’s Director of California Initiatives.

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