At the Center for the Future of Teaching and Learning, we know that teacher leaders are well-positioned to influence positive instructional change in other teachers’ practices, and we now understand how teacher leaders can be even more impactful when equipped with tools that help them lead productive professional learning experiences.

In the Teacher Practice Networks (TPN) initiative, teacher leaders lead sustained, professional learning to advance K-12 instructional practices aligned to college- and career-readiness standards. Multi-year data from the TPN indicates how a learning cycle helps teacher leaders intentionally plan effective professional learning with activities that engage other teachers in learning new content, applying it in practice, reflecting on implementation, reiterating lessons, and refining instruction.

Download and read the CenterView issue, Learning Cycles: A Powerful Tool for Teacher-to-Teacher Professional Learning, to see

  • How a learning cycle framework offers intentional phases to structure impactful professional learning.
  • Authentic TPN vignettes of teacher-led learning cycles in action.
  • How teacher reflective habits can be fostered throughout all phases of a learning cycle.
  • Tips for teacher leaders and school leaders to fostering a healthy climate for teacher reflection and growth.

This issue is part of a Center series on teacher leadership in the Teacher Practice Networks initiative.