Identifying math and science learning solutions in response
to the California COVID-19 education equity crisis


The COVID Education Equity Response Collaborative is an umbrella collaborative leveraging the experience and knowledge of over 20 California school districts and all 58 California County Offices of Education, along with researchers and technical assistance experts from WestEd’s Center for the Future of Teaching & Learning and the Lawrence Hall of Science, and thought partnership from Policy Analysis for California Education and Learning Policy Institute. Funded by the S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation, this combination of real-time supports and learning opportunities serves one goal: meeting the challenges of hybrid and distance learning this year and using what we learn together to accelerate towards equitable education for all students in 2020 and beyond.

The COVID Education Equity Response Collaborative is made up of three initiatives:

As part of the COVID Education Equity Response Collaborative, WestEd is leading a year-long Equity Accelerator to support California County Offices of Education (COEs) in improving the alignment of whole child and whole school efforts that cohere around a vision of equity. Using a two-tiered approach, the Equity Accelerator will provide a professional learning (PL) series to all 58 COEs and an intensive fellows program for up to 10 COEs.

The Hybrid & Distance Learning Collaborative is a network of over 20 California school districts that meets quarterly to build connections, share experiences, and learn about cutting edge tools and resources for hybrid and distance learning in math and science in K-6 classrooms.

A subset of HD Learning Collaborative districts who’ve opted-in to more intensive work with experts from WestEd on building supports for Black and Latinx students, especially around the use of early warning indicators to identify students who need additional support for succeeding in math and around developing and piloting strategies to address issues of bias and stereotype threat.


The COVID Education Equity Response Collaborative is a joint effort of:

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