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About this sitE

Our Goal

The goal of this site is to share educators’ insights into CA State Standards implementation. We’re compiling findings from multiple research studies that span a range of perspectives and protocols and organizing them into multiple domains in order to understand the state of standards implementation.


Who We talked to

We conducted interviews, surveys and focus groups with thousands of teachers, instructional coaches, principals and district leaders across the state about every facet of the new standards in order to understand the state of standards implementation as completely as possible.

How it's organized

Our findings draw from three research studies examining multiple aspects of standards
 implementation across different roles. Each aspect of implementation—for example, Instructional Shifts—is organized into a domain, with a page for every domain. Each domain consists of multiple key findings from one or more research studies, with each finding supported by evidence including data visualizations and quotations.

“Full implementation looks like it’s never done. Full implementation looks like it’s always attentive to learning at every level of the system for all the adults and the students. These are deep and profound shifts in not just the standards themselves, so full implementation looks like a never-ending quest to share leadership and to grapple with good debates and with opposing opinions.”

– CA District Leader

What’s On this page

Overview of Sources

An overview of the research studies we’ve conducted and are drawing from to understand the state of CA State Standards implementation:

  • CA District Leader Interviews
  • CA Teacher, Coach & Principal Focus Groups
  • CA Rand American Teacher Panel (ATP) Survey

Quick View of Findings

A quick view of all our findings, color-coded by source and labled by domain. Click on any finding to learn more. Findings are organized into the following domain:

What's on This Site

Each page is a single domain representing one aspect of CA State Standards Implementation that our research studies were focused on understanding:

Overview of our 2016 – 2017 Research Sources


CA District Leader Interviews

The Center interviewed 45 CA District Leaders across the state, including superintendents, assistant superintendents and directors for curriculum and instruction, and ELA & math coordinators to understand districts’ progress in building professional learning capacity and determining needs. They shared insights into:


CA Teacher, Coach & Principal Focus Groups

The Center conducted focus groups with 80 Teachers, 40 Principals, and 40 Instructional Coaches throughout CA to understand—across multiple roles—perceptions of the value and effectiveness of instructional leadership, professional learning and instructional materials. They shared insights into:



WestEd surveyed 800 CA Teachers and 1,100 CA Principals to understand how the CA Standards are impacting classroom instruction, professional learning and the needs of teachers and principals as part of the national RAND ATP and American School Leader Panel. They shared insights into:

A Quick View of our Findings

The findings below are labeled by category and color-coded by the research source they’re derived from. Click on any to view the data behind it.

About the Staff and Contributors

Francesca Delgado

Francesca Delgado

Francesca led the design and coordination of the district interview and focus groups projects; as well as conducted district interviews and focus group analysis.
Reino Makkonen

Reino Makkonen

Reino led analysis of the California results from RAND’s American Teacher Panel survey for WestEd and this site.

Gary Mobley

Gary Mobley

Gary contracted with the Center to conduct district leader interviews and district leader interview analysis.
Clay Willis

Clay Willis

Clay led content development, website development and dissemination strategy for these studies.

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