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Teachers and school district leaders are confident about their progress, but teachers want more support and collaboration; time and money constrain professional development; and professional learning for school leaders has lagged.

We spoke with 42 district leaders to understand the current state of California State Standards implementation. Click below to read the Center’s 2015–16 school district leader interview insights, the first in a multi-year study.

Who We Talked To

We spoke with 42 school district and charter leaders across the state — from every region and every district type — to understand the state of California Standards implementation.

Implementation Approaches

Districts’ implementation planning differed in start time, the activities they developed, how they sourced resources, and what tools they used.

Perceptions of Teacher Mastery

Most district leaders believed their teachers knew the California State Standards; however, the majority of teachers were still transitioning and developing an understanding of the instructional strategies needed to implement the standards.

Satisfaction with Supports & Services

While most districts are neutral to satisfied with the technical services they receive, flexibility and adult learning capability were key drivers for higher satisfaction.

Implementation Challenges

To achieve their vision for implementation, school districts are looking for support in a number of areas, especially around collaboration, formative assessment, professional development, and instructional materials.

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