Primary Grant Focus

The Achievement Network’s (ANet) primary goal is to increase support for Common Core State Standards (CCSS) implementation nationwide through its Common Core Transition website, which features narratives about successes and challenges of one school’s transition to the new standards, including teacher experiences and reflections, as well as related lesson plans and resources.

Strategies for Supporting Common Core Success

The Achievement Network (ANet) is supporting the acceleration of teacher development related to implementing CCSS by making the schoolwide CCSS-related experiences and resources of Boston Collegiate Charter School (BCCS) available on its website to partnering schools and districts as a model for transitioning to the CCSS.

  • All participating ANet teachers in grades 5-8 are invited to use the members-only ANet Platform to access online Common Core Transition resources—a new addition to the assessments, student data, and tools always available to ANet teachers. Currently, the platform addresses CCSS implementation strategies to help teachers figure out ways to improve student achievement. Teachers can access CCSS resources, such as teacher narratives describing a CCSS-related instructional or learning challenge, teacher lessons and reflections, and tools and texts for teaching those lessons. ANet teachers can even reach out to the authoring teacher at BCCS using the online platform to get additional information.
  • ANet partnered with Boston Collegiate Charter School to develop professional learning modules, based on BCCS teacher experiences in implementing the CCSS. These modules are the core focus of the in-person professional development sessions currently being pilot tested in the Eastern Massachusetts network. ANet will appropriate lessons from the pilot to inform the scaling of in-person professional development in ANet’s other regional networks nationwide.
  • ANet’s Common Core Transition website provides information to network teachers through a blog about CCSS instruction, as well as a collection of Common Core resources curated on Pinterest by BCCS math teacher and coach, Darren Burris. In addition to Burris’s blog, ANet leverages the BCCS math teacher’s Twitter following of more than 3,500 educators, who receive his daily Tweets.

General Information

Achievement Network
225 Friend Street, Suite 704, Boston, MA 02114
Contact Person: Carter Romansky, Vice President, Business Development
Phone: (617) 725-0000
Term of Grant: August 2013 – June 2015
Grantee Initiative: Modeling the Transition to CCSS
Region: National
Subject Area: Literacy and Mathematics
Education Levels: Grades 5-8