Initiative Overview

The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (The National Board or NBPTS) has partnered with Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC) to support 30 Board-certified teachers to serve as teacher leaders (TLs). These Board-certified TLs lead professional learning communities (PLCs) for 10 teachers in their schools or districts to shift instruction towards Common Core State Standards (CCSS)-aligned practices—utilizing resources that support instructional shifts, analyzing student work and reflecting on practice. At the same time, teachers participating in these PLCs are working towards their own National Board certification with support from NBPTS TLs.

Strategies for Supporting Teacher Leaders to Advance Common Core

Network Support for Teacher Leaders

The National Board has identified 30 Board-certified teachers as TLs through two local education agencies to lead professional learning for 600 teachers across disciplines. The National Board’s existing partnership with LDC enables each organization to capitalize on its strength: LDC equips teacher leaders with tools and training aligned to the CCSS, while the National Board guides the National Board Certification and provides use of ATLAS, an extensive online library of video cases demonstrating in-class, standards-aligned practices. Each TL is paired with a teacher liaison and together, form a site-based team that directly supports the teachers of their respective PLC. All 30 TLs and 30 teacher liaisons participate in training and coaching to become National Board and LDC facilitators to develop and lead year-long professional learning for their PLCs. TLs are provided LDC mini-tasks designed specifically to use with the participating PLC teachers — to deepen knowledge of CCSS-aligned instructional practices and to create learning opportunities, such as analysis of student work to inform changes to instruction, toward demonstrating National Board standards. Throughout the year, staff from the National Board and local partners convene the TLs and teacher liaisons virtually to assess progress of the implementation.

Teacher Leaders Working with Teachers

Each TL–teacher liaison team leads a school- or district-based PLC of 10 teachers through professional learning that reflects a crosswalk of LDC competencies with National Board assessment tasks. In their PLCs, TL–teacher liaison teams utilize resources, including a set of teacher-leader-developed LDC mini-tasks aligned to both the CCSS and the National Board’s Five Core Propositions along with ATLAS video cases of instruction by Board-certified teachers, to help teachers unpack the instructional shifts and reflect on practice.

Partnerships with Local Education Agencies

The National Board is partnering with two local organizations in California — the San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE) and The Support Network (TSN), a joint collaboration of Los Angeles Unified School District and United Teachers Los Angeles — to identify 30 Board-certified teacher leaders. Both SDCOE and TSN have experience engaging Board-certified teachers as instructional leaders who support other teachers in improving their practice.

General Information

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