Primary Grant Focus

To deepen knowledge and practice of Common Core State Standards (CCSS) implementation in mathematics, science, and English language arts, the National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI), has added online modules to complement its existing in-person, teacher training program, creating a blended learning environment that extends the professional learning opportunities offered to teachers throughout the school year.

Strategies for Supporting Common Core Success

The National Math and Science Initiative has added a blended learning option to its Laying the Foundation (LTF) program, a three-year teacher training program for rigorous instruction in math, science, and English language arts that can lead to a teacher becoming an NMSI trainer and mentor. At the core of NMSI’s teacher training, focused on the CCSS instructional shifts in mathematics and literacy, are its four-day summer institutes taught by teachers for teachers. To reinforce and deepen their knowledge between these in-person trainings, teachers complete online modules and have access to high-quality lessons throughout the school year.

General Information

National Math and Science Initiative
8350 North Central Expressway, Suite M-2200, Dallas, TX 75206
Contact Person: Matthew Randazzo, Chief Growth & Strategy Officer
Phone: (214) 346-1200
Term of Grant: August 2013 – June 2015
Grantee Initiative: Escalating Teacher Success with Common Core State Standards
Region: National
Subject Area: Literacy and Mathematics
Education Levels: 3-12