Primary Grant Focus

The St. Bernard Parish School Board (SBPSB), representing an existing network of four Louisiana school districts, is deepening the work of Common Core State Standards (CCSS) implementation by expanding implementation of the Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC) model across secondary core subject areas and supporting teachers with professional development, resources, and action research opportunities.

Strategies for Supporting Common Core Success

Efforts for both deepening LDC practices for veteran teachers and for introducing LDC practices to new teachers are underway in a network of four Louisiana school districts:

  • Across the districts, 22 secondary teachers of English language arts, science, and social studies who are experienced with LDC practices have been trained as teacher leaders to provide in-person professional development to district teachers new to LDC. Teachers attending the trainings will learn how to use the state-issued CCSS guidebooks in tandem with LDC, implement mini-tasks focused on specific skill development, and conduct common writing assessments towards successfully meeting their Student Learning Targets.
  • Complementing the in-person teacher learning is an online platform dedicated to teacher professional development and collaboration. On this platform, teachers may access LDC tools and modules—many of which are developed by veteran LDC teachers— video clips of LDC instruction, and an online discussion board where teachers can seek and receive additional support from colleagues or teacher leaders.
  • District or cross-district teacher teams are invited to do action research by problem-solving obstacles surfacing in the implementation of LDC, mini-tasks, or common writing assessments. Teams conduct action research by identifying best practices as a solution, collaborating on implementation of that instructional practice, and determining student outcomes. Teacher leaders vet and select action research to share on the online platform, and the action research team receives a $1,000 stipend.

General Information

St. Bernard Parish School Board
200 E. St. Bernard Hwy, Chalmette, LA 70043
Beverly Lawrason
Phone: (504) 301-2000
Term of Grant: July 2014 – December 2015
Grantee Initiative: Creating Coherence: Connecting Common Core and LDC in Louisiana
Region: Louisiana
Subject Area: Literacy
Education Levels: 6-12