by Laura S. HamiltonDavid GrantJulia H. KaufmanMelissa DilibertiHeather L. SchwartzGerald P. HunterClaude Messan SetodjiChristopher J. Young

This technical report provides information about the sample, survey instrument, and resultant data for the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) surveys that were administered to principals and teachers via RAND’s American Educator Panels (AEP) in spring 2020. The AEP COVID-19 surveys focused on how teachers and school leaders navigated the challenging circumstances brought about by COVID-19, including managing school closures and implementing distance learning. Specific survey topics included schools’ operational status, supports for teachers, communication with and supports for families, and plans for next school year. The results presented in the report include frequency tables for survey items and are shown for the full national samples and for subsamples of schools serving large populations of students of color and students from lower-income households (or target schools) compared with other schools (nontarget schools). This breakdown of target and nontarget schools provides evidence regarding disparities in the supports and resources for teaching and learning across the United States. Forthcoming reports will provide more-detailed analysis and discuss the implications of these findings. Follow-up surveys will be administered later in 2020 and in 2021. 

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